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Saturday, October 19, 2019

How I Find Products on AMAZON that CONSISTENTLY Make me OVER £10,000 A Month Each - U.K. Version

How I Find Products on AMAZON that CONSISTENTLY Make me OVER £10,000 A Month Each - U.K. Version

hello and welcome to this BLOG I'm going to discuss how to find products that make 10,000 pounds a month so before we get started please consider subscribing by clicking the subscribe button below and that little Berlin suffocation so you know when I upload videos and let's get right into it so on my computer here I've got this program called jungle scout and I'm just gonna tell you what jungle Scout is you can buy the you can buy the web app or you can sign up there's a Chrome extension which is the one I've bought and what is jungle jungle Scout so jungle Scout allows you to do research on Amazon to find profitable products ideas really fast so you don't have to use jungle scout you can do this yourself by hand and I'll explain how to guys throughout this video you can do this up it's just jungle scout can save you tons and tons and tons of time which is why I've now started using it so I'm gonna base this video around the UK just because we're in the UK I do product research in the UK and new products that I bring out are for the UK so we're gonna click the UK and if you don't have jungle Scout again don't worry you don't need it but if you want to get it it will be there'll be a link in the description and you can get it and you'll see why it's so good so I'm gonna go through how to use it now so first we want to select marketplace which is the UK because we only focus on the UK in this video I will make another video for the US but for now let's just focus on the UK we then have all of these things so we've got price net rank what is all of this so the price the price of the product this so this means because what this does is this searches Amazon's entire database and finds you examples of products that could be successful so you have to put in a few things of you have to burn a few different things of criterias that's a good word you want to put a few different things quite ears that you have to that that the product has to meet in order for it to work so we've got price and I've chosen a price between 10 and 50 pounds and I've chosen this because anything below 10 pounds you're going to find it very hard to make a good profit margin good money and the reason I've got up to 50 pounds is because anything over 50 pounds it stops becoming an impulse buyer and it becomes more of a you have to start thinking about buying it so if something costs more than 50 pounds you're not just going to quickly buy it you might think about you might even ask your family or spouse or friend or something I should I get this I'm not get this we don't want our potential customers thinking like this we want our potential customers to find our product and buy it so we've done 10 and 50 pounds the net we can leave the net the rank now usually you can leave the rank however I find this important just because the rank is how well it ranks on Amazon and rank means demand so if the products are ranking well it means is a good a demand for it because it's ranking higher on Amazon if the process of ranking terribly it means it's a bad demand I'm gonna go into that in a bit more detail later on the video when it comes up we then have estimated sales this you don't really have to put in I put this in just because I know if I'm selling for 10 pounds or 50 pounds and I'm getting 400 sales a month then I'm making between three I'm making three thousand plus profit or more which is a good start but in this video remember we're talking about making ten thousand pounds estimated revenue or leave that reviews reviews are very important because reviews are the factor a deciding factor and in a lot of cases because reviews denote the competition so if if all the products on the top on the top searched for that that product if they all have five six hundred reviews then there's really really high competition and you're going to find it very hard to sell your product there because people will not click your product if they see other product tons of reviews so we've put a max of a hundred and fifty reviews rating we've left now wait I've done weight and weight is done in in pounds so three pounds is actually quite a lot to be honest but I've put weight in there you can get rid of weight if you want the only reason why I've put weight in there is because you don't want to sell something on Amazon that's too heavy and because your shipping fees getting it to Amazon it will cost a lot and your Amazon Fulfillment fees which was discussed a bit later will also cost a lot so I'll leave that at three just for now number of sellers doesn't matter listing quality doesn't matter you then want to do product here so this we wanted to keep keep a stands we don't do oversized products we don't want to do seller we want to do a fulfilled by Amazon leave the keywords just leave all the keywords once you've done once you've done all of this you then want to go and move over to cap screws here and select the right categories because there are some categories which you shouldn't select so we're gonna go through that quickly now you have automotive which I've left on tick baby on ticked baby products could be ticked and beauty now usually I don't tick beauty and because sometimes it can be problems with FDA approvals and some of the cats somewhat some of the categories are restricted on Amazon and you've gotta apply to get them and it's hard so usually I don't tick it but for this example I'm going to ticket CDs and vinyl leave all of these leave because you don't get into anything like electric computers that sort of stuff because if you don't know how it works then it's hard to sell it so for example you want to sell a computer because firstly I mean those are just branded items people those are owned by brands like they dominate Amazon like Apple and Dell and HP that sort of stuff but also it's electric which means it's confusing and you don't want to mess around with confusing things you want something very basic garden and outdoors yeah 100% groceries no don't do food health and personal okay yep home in kitchen yeah jewellery nope kitchen in home yep and you can see the other one so luggage I'm gonna UNTAC luggage for this one just because luggage is usually quite big and heavy even though under luggage you have wallets and that sort of stuff which can work musical instruments no office products could work Pet Supplies could work and sports and outdoors could work all the other ones I've left unticked next what you want to do is you want to click search and what this does is it shows your database of all the potential products right now this is brilliant however this doesn't mean that these products are going to be good so what you then want to do is you want to then take one of these product ideas so this is a garden water hose so next what you want to do is go to Amazon and this just gives you ideas you still have to do a bit of research and actually find out whether or not it's a good product and that's where the jungle Scout Chrome extension comes in you can see at the top of my screen here I have the jungle Scout Chrome extension this little yeah there right there and we're going to use that and I'm going to show you what it does so just to go back the things you want to bear in mind are when you're going through this you don't want to mess with big brands so if you can see there's a product and you know they're dominated by big brands then just leave it and if you can see a product that is overly saturated and you know it's probably oversaturated like like this one assistant pull-up resistant bands super oversaturated market you don't even want to mess with it there's so many people selling them it's crazy stuff like this and heart vitamins so many people selling it however we're gonna go we're gonna go and do the research on this water hose because I've actually looks pretty good so when you search when you search in the search the search bar here you want to use the main keyword which is generally the most popular keyword so instead of searching for green garden water hose because I saw a longtail keyword and we'll discuss that a bit later you want to search the most popular which it would just be garden hose because that's the most popular keyword once you've done that you've got all these products showing up here you then want to go over and click the jungle Scout Chrome extension and what I'll do is well that will bring up all the information we're gonna go through all this information so you can understand why what's good what's not good and then I'm gonna give you examples of bad products and good products so you can really understand it so let's analyze this this information we've got here so you've got all the averages he got the average monthly sales the average sales rank the average price and the average reviews so do remember what I said I said the rank it tells you how much demand there is right so we like to go between anything that's between zero and a thousand and we generally like to find at least ten products on the first page that has zero to a thousand rank and so let's just quickly go through these right okay so you got hundred fifty eight one four five one five nine way over two thousand way over a thousand way over thousand way over just over a thousand I should say three nine eight eight five eight two nine three so I wouldn't say that there are ten here but there are quite a few here eight five eight so I would put this on as a potential however I would continue to look just because I don't think there's enough demand there are other ways to find demand and we discussed so many different ways to prop to like do much more research and actually go and find the demand using multiple different keywords in the actual course but for this video I'm just gonna keep it a bit more simple so that's that's we've discussed them on now and what else is important so we also discuss reviews well you can go down here and you can see reviews so anything between 0 and 150 we put in because that's something we can compete with right so we've got 99 here this is way over 2 to 6 961 982 3-1 170 those are all hard to compete with hard to compete with but then you have 106 you have 22 you have 51 you have 166 so in terms of this product I'm just gonna I'm just gonna give you my what I think of this product so it's got an okay demand not really enough demand to really consider and it seem that it's quite a lot of competition based on the reviews it has so to be honest I probably wouldn't look at this product and we can see its monthly sales are averaging of 334 and we wanted average of 400 however some products puts up with this one's doing about 10000 revenue 27,000 revenue 10000 revenue 26,000 revenue so there are some pretty good products here like pretty good listings so you can also see as well as because another factor is the price we wanted something between 10 and 50 pounds so you can see that actually covers that because the average price is 21 pounds 64 so the only box that this product has ticked is the average price it's take the average price because the average sales rank is huge the multicells is slightly lower than we wanted and the average reviews is higher than we want it so this should be a no-no of a so what you would do is you would go back to jungle Scout and you would just keep going and research more products so for example we could research get to page two there's lots and lots of pages we can research hit anything a vape pen a liquid we can research and squash balls we can research led gloves we can research anything there's tons of stuff here right so let's move on and I want to give you an example of a bad product because this was a bad product but I want to give you an example of a really bad product oh you can really see it so let's search in bike cover okay and let's do so on the surface this looks like a pretty good product if you just look at the prices here at the reviews 96 6040 781 so here we go it seems like a good product on the surface right however when you start looking into it I don't know why the averages haven't come up it's still loading it's seen as a good product look average reviews 74 brilliant that's that's past that one average price 11 77 that's over 10 pounds that's fine for us however average sales rank seventeen thousand two hundred seventy eight now a lot of people skip this all right I've seen a lot of videos where people don't talk about the sales right and it's just so important because this is the demand if there's if there's a really really high sales if a cell like a seventeen thousand then the demand for that product is is tiny right and and to prove that look at the average monthly sales because the demand is so small the average monthly sales is so small whereas I'm also going to show you an example of the average sales rank being really really good and showing you that the average monthly sales are going to be really really good so this is an example of a really bad product just because the average sales rank is so-so shoot now we discussed and avoiding products that brands own so I'm going to give you an example of that as well so let's put in squash balls and you can see here that this is Dunlop has monopolized this product so even if it seems like a great product even if it gets lots of lots of sales it's got a great rank it's got a little reviews you have to you have to fight you have to think if it's worth it if you want to compete when there's a brand owning it so for example this is Dunlop done not Dunlop Dunlop Dunlop done not hung up hung up it's crazy Dunlop again and whenever it's not Dunlop it's usually Wilson so this this first page and this product is dominated by Dunlop and Wilson so this is what we call brand monopoly and this brand has the monopoly on this product and we were just completely ignore it we wouldn't even look at that so let's let's discuss the next important factor so we've discussed if it's got great complete the competition you can easily work with but it's got too much it's got doesn't have enough demand let's flip that to something that has way too much competition so we've got a B car mirror let's try that one okay and let's oh I've just clicked something that I didn't mean to click yeah I kicked Amazon fresh and let's go to jungle scout and what you can see is this product has pretty good beer sauce you can see 12 okay so the average is 2800 which is over a thousand however if you go into it you can see twelve oh I'll just say under a thousand hundred thousand hundred thousand under a thousand under a thousand hundred thousand so there are quite a few under a thousand there are quite a few however the reviews are for fourteen eight seven one four six two two eight five five seven the average price is also really bad and the average one details is just under four hundred so I'm gonna just tell you the sweet spots of everything you want here I discussed the base with you of what you're looking for so you want this number to be anything over four hundred you want this number to be anything between zero obviously and about 1000 1500 now bear in mind this is taking all of these results into inter count so if this is let's say 2800 by to the top ten products are under a thousand then that's fine that's a good product you can definitely work with that product we want the average price to be over ten pounds because we want to think about profit margins and then we want the average reviews to be this is good average reviews of 183 is not so bad but we then have to go into it so yes the reviews 1463 thirty two eleven fifty eight ten seven those are amazing right I look at their sales their sales are five sales 555 79 five these are rubbish sales right we want to be getting sales of 1891 be making profit of eighteen grand but their reviews are killer 414 871 so you have to also as well as just looking at the averages you have to actually go and look at these these products and now I did say I will discuss how you can do this if you don't have jungle scout and you can't do it you you just would have to go into the product search over here no I don't want to try pram you would have to go into the product search over here look at the reviews for each one I don't think about it you would then have to go into each individual product opening a new tab open a new tab right and then actually go down and actually look at their BSR so scroll down and then go 12 okay that's twelve BSR what's this one five eight six so it's incredibly time-consuming and what you won't see is average sales and you won't see any averages you'll have to work it all out yourself so not only is it incredibly time consuming but it's just yeah it's a waste of time really when there are programs out there like jungle scout so we're gonna move on now and I wanted to just tell you that this is one way of doing product research in our course we have an entire section on product research and this is just one video we have tons and tons of information teaching you tons of different ways to do product research with eBay Alibaba using the Google Keyword tool using really cool tricks about how to spy on people and see what's the most watched items and what's the most and just what's the best items to go for so we have that all in the course but in this video I just wanted to make it about jungle scout and how you can use jungle Scouts to find a product and make ten thousand a month so that's it for this video I hope this video helped you if you have any questions whatsoever about jungle Scout about finding products just leave a comment in the in the comment section below and I'll try and answer it as best as I can and please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos thank you very much I'll see you Next

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