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Saturday, October 19, 2019

How To Make Money On Amazon In 2019

How To Make Money On Amazon In 2019


books right so you do have to market and promote them a little bit more but one great benefit I think of either of these methods but also especially this one a lot of people they use a book actually not as a way to make money from initially they actually use it as what is known as a loss leader as a way that they just break even or they lose money on it because in a book you can actually use that to pre-sell or upsell something so let's say you have a book but then you also have a course like a video training program let's say it's a fitness book and then you have a fitness course you could publish the book bring in leads that consume the book and then the book and then later on mention and promote your course on fitness right so it could be a great marketing tool as well in fact I like to use books for that purpose you can still make great money doing it and you can sell your books you usually yet you know if it's a Kindle book it's typically from $0.99 to ten dollars and then if it's a paperback book because there's more expenses involved with it you can sell it up to twenty or thirty dollars so you know the price point still low but you can still great make a great income from that but again the real money can be on the back end by creating other additional services or products that it funnels into it could even funnel into this guy's because let's say you've got a book on yoga right and you can funnel that into your your yoga mat or your yoga towels or your yoga blocks right and you could even then use this let's say you've got your yoga mat and your yoga towels and your yoga brand you can throw in your book as a freebie so now your audit offering more value to the people that are buying your yoga mat your yoga products because you're differentiating now and you're providing more right and another thing you can do here is affiliate marketing so you can use this the people that buy and read your book to funnel them into an email list and then once they're on your email list where they're following you on social media or whatever it is now they're a follower of yours now you can promote other people's products as an affiliate and you can earn a commission from that okay you can earn a commission by promoting someone else's yoga mat their yoga course their fitness course or whatever it might be right so you can make more money on the back end if you set it up that way so that's what's great about this way now the third way of making money on Amazon is known as affiliate marketing okay sorry mentioned that so Amazon has its own affiliate program it's known as Amazon Associates if you go to slash Associates it's an affiliate program which you can join for free and that gives you the ability to actually promote or sell any product on Amazon okay physical products or books any product there and earn a commission by doing so so if you go to Amazon Associates and set up an account there there might be some restrictions like you know you got to have like a website to show you're actually a legit affiliate so you can set up a website and blog pretty easily these days but you can set that up but you know you do have to get approved for it but once you are set up in their program you can do a search inside Amazon Associates for any product ok let's say you want to promote a Vitamix blender right you go and search Vitamix and then it will give you an affiliate link a link that you can then use that you can promote it you can market it and when people come and they click on that link and they go and buy that product that Vitamix blender you earn a commission from that very cool so you can make money by promoting other people's products you don't have to spend the months or take the risk in this way and start the inventory you don't have to you know write the book and publish it and do that whole sort of thing you can just promote other people's products and this could be a great way to test things inexpensively but the thing with this so here's going to mention around this the pros and benefits are that you can promote any product on Amazon ok and earn a commission from it Amazon has the trust and relationship with people so sometimes people and they buy things online not as much these days but I remember back in the day you know there are people are more hesitant to buy things online they're skeptical there's fear Amazon already has the trust no-one's like afraid to buy something on Amazon Amazon has the credibility in the trust and the review system they can see which products have a lot of reviews and so the conversion rate of products is pretty high usually on Amazon the downsides though I'd say of this is that you get much of a commission so the commission that they pay you because a lot of products for physical products the commission can be like you know 3% 5% so it can be pretty low and especially if you're doing affiliate marketing for books or some low ticket products you're gonna you're not going to make much doing it the way that this method works is if you're doing an affiliate marketing for high ticket products so products that let's say are a hundred dollars or more that's when it can really add up I'd say wait way more than that Ashley I say a thousand dollars or more like a TV jewelry you know camera equipment those are products that you could be an affiliate for and you can you know make $20 $50 $100 commissions from that one benefit though of this I will mention two is a benefit and another negative side a benefit though when someone clicks that affiliate link any product not just the product that you link to okay any product on Amazon that someone adds to their shopping cart and purchases within 24 hours you actually make the commission from all of those products so as you know most people don't buy one product on Amazon they fill up their shopping cart with a few different products and then they check out well you can then make a commission on all of those products great right so now you can make more however the downside is that it's only within 24 hours so other affiliate programs like Amazon's not like I don't like this about them but most affiliate programs out there when someone clicks on their affiliate link there's a cookie that's placed on their computer that tracks things usually for 30 days in some cases up to 90 days meaning that if they click on the affiliate link and they don't buy the product right away they maybe buy it you know two weeks later you still earn the commission from that right which is very cool not unless they clear their cookies or something like that so that's the benefit cuz not everyone buys things right away however with amazon's affiliate program it's only within 24 hours so that's a negative of it that i don't like but you know it's still something you could do i I do know people by the way that I'd say the potential of this you know I know a few people making six figures doing this but it is pretty rare I'd say you know like most people are making a couple hundred dollars a month or a couple thousand dollars a month doing this but it's a lot harder to scale up it's a lot more challenging and I don't think it's the best way of doing affiliate marketing so those are some of the downsides of this one now the last method I'll share with you guys is known as retail arbitrage retail arbitrage what this basically means is that you're reselling products on Amazon so for example let's say that you go to the thrift store or let's the easier example let's say you go to Walmart and you go to Walmart and you see that on all you know at Walmart there is let's say it's a we'll just use the yoga mat example let's say there's a yoga mat at Walmart that's on sale right and it's like 50% off let's say and let's say you go and you get it for for $20 well that same yoga mat you can actually scan on your phone okay Amazon - app and actually see you know I wonder how much this exact yoga mat is selling right now on Amazon and you might say wow this yoga mats linked for forty dollars in Amazon which means that you can buy this product keep it don't open it like keep it in the packaging you can then ship it to Amazon's fulfillment centers and you can resell it on Amazon underneath that products listing and if people buy it at that price point let's say the $40 and you paid $20 for it well you just made $20 profit might be it's less than that because the shipping costs and what not but you made a profit from it so this model the way it works is you're going to thrift stores you're looking for deals you're hustling around to find that eBay etc you're seeing how much it's selling on Amazon you're getting at a cheaper price you're then reselling it on Amazon you're hijacking the Amazon listing because each Amazon listing you go to you can see there's many different sellers right most most products there's like more than one seller so you can be one of those sellers that people can buy from instead of the original manufacturer so you hijack that listing in a way and then you can make a profit just reselling products so that is another way you can go about it this one is you know it's more there's methods around this where you can do okay doing this but you're not going to make a significant amount of money this one is more trading your time for money versus these other ways are more passive scalable and you're leveraging Amazon a lot more this one's a lot of work but I do know people that they do it they make a couple extra hundred bucks a couple hundred bucks per month or a couple thousand bucks I know some people been able to quit their job doing this but again it's not gonna turn into like an actual legitimate business that you know the you know these things here you don't get much upfront by doing it but by delaying the gratification is setting it up it might take a few months now you've got an automated stream of income coming in right you you you know it's more of a set and forget type model even though I don't like that term it's not really there's still things of course you've got to do but it's more leveraged and automated and scalable okay so this one is more of a hustle trading your time for money you know you're not going to make millions of dollars doing it you're not gonna make a six-figure income doing it but it is a way that you could make money from Amazon now out of these different ways these different ways the ones that I see that have the greatest potential that I'd actually consider doing and put your time and energy into with the physical products okay Amazon FBA and publishing okay I think these two are the best I would not really get involved in this one not unless you already have a blog you know you have an email list you know and you're and you're linking to products on Amazon might as well put in your affiliate link right might as well get some of that profit from Amazon so Amazon's not forwarding all the money you can make an extra income it's no extra cost to the customer so it doesn't affect them but I usually do this with books because I linked I link to some books and whatnot you know my blog or you know camera equipment or some things that I use is only available through Amazon I'll link to that and I'll use an Amazon affiliate link but I'm not I'm not really doing that to make a lot of money it's pretty insignificant but it is something you can do to kind of calm if you are linking things to Amazon already and this one I wouldn't really put much time into either you know I just think there's you know the other ways are just much more better and more important to focus on so these are the two ways that I would really focus on now to really succeed at these ways it's more than just putting up a product on Amazon it's more than just publishing putting up your product or publishing a book because you know every product that you put up you got to understand that it's there on Amazon but it doesn't have any credibility yet so Amazon is a search engine ok people go there they type in keywords and they search for products but if your product is brand new and you don't have any reviews or any sales or any you know traction yet with it your products probably not going to show up when people search for it so you know a lot of people have a misconception I think that I'm just gonna put up a product and it's gonna sell on Amazon it's gonna do all the work and they're gonna make me all this money no that's not how it works you do your research of course you make sure there's a demand there that people are searching for it there's tools and stuff and I've got other videos explaining you know how to do research for it but you're gonna do your research make sure there's a market demand you might be aware of the competition and whatnot because that will affect how well you can rank that product and everything but you've got to put it up there then you've got to do your job to market it to promote the book to promote the product so that's where you look in two different ways of marketing so let's say for example you've got your product your Amazon listing how can you market well you can leverage Facebook you know Facebook you can create pages and pages you can publish content there that then can promote your Amazon product you could even rent a group a community of people around a certain topic let's say an around with yoga and you build a great community and you you market it you attract people that way you promote your product or you can run ads right Facebook ads that can funnel into your your product as well right so you can leverage Facebook and there's tons of strategies around that you know you can leverage Instagram and by the way guys one thing you can do select you to blogging right you could leverage search engine optimization and write articles but here's the cool thing guys you can also you know you can leverage influencers people that already have their following on Instagram like let's say you find some yoga experts you know yoga fitness instructors on Instagram they have fifty thousand a hundred thousand followers well you could reach out to them or on YouTube or their blog like hey I've got this great product I'd love to send it to you for free where you promote it when you share it with your audience or you can even pay them as an ambassador of your brand right and they can tap into their audience that they've already built that trust and relationship with to help promote your product right so it's a great way that you can leverage it you don't necessarily have to create all the content and create all that yourself you can and I think you should but you can leverage others the same way and the exact same thing guys comes with having a book right you've got to promote and market your book you've got it either you know Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or whatever it is I think blogging and SEO makes sense because you're selling typically something someone's reading and consuming that way that if you can create a blog and have great content and again you could hire writers to do it for you but if people enjoy your blog in writing they're gonna be likely to buy your book right because they enjoy your content already here they're gonna want more they'll be willing to pay more for a book that you have but there's many many different ways that you can mark and promote but I want you guys to be aware of that I want you guys to know you've got a market promote no matter what way that you're trying to make money you know this way here of course this is all about traffic which is the focus to make money from is you've got to attract people right track people to you and then get them on your email list or through your blog or content you have your affiliate links and that's how you make money from it so so these are just really wet the way I look at these ways there are ways to monetize to make money however you still got to market and promote and attract people to you and that's where you have to learn the marketing skills involved and if you want to get started with these because I'll wrap this up for you guys but I'll share with you guys how you can get started for learning about physical products if you enjoy my content and resonate with my message I'd love to share with you guys more I've done tons of trainings and videos and interviews with other inspiring successful Amazon sellers I'd love to share those with you they're free all you've got to do of a link in the description but if you go to WWF /fb a I have a free training there so you do have to put in your name and email address and then I'll send you over several weeks the different trainings and resources that I have here that can then benefit you to learn more about this business to get started with it there's certain courses and trainings and research tools that I can recommend to you as well that's all that's all at project life master comm /fb a link in the description for you guys okay now when it comes to publishing I actually have a whole course that teaches this it's called K money mastery and it's a course that I've been selling since 2013 I've improved it and updated it made it better and better the strategies or evergreen and work to this day and like I said it's it's creating the book doing the research of course but creating the book the cover and then publishing it and marketing it on Amazon so if you want to learn that go to WWE money mastery com if you don't want to write yourself I'll teach you in the course how to find writers what to look for and I even have a ghostwriter agreement that you can send to the writer to make sure that you own the rights to the book so that you know you you you make sure that you don't have to pay them a royalty or any conflicts in that way so things like that that I've already created that can help you get started with that succeed and make money doing it so those two resources the FBA training program and my K money mastery program I'll link to that below are the best ways I think to help you get started and what I'd also do is well guys think about how you can have them both working together right so again decide on the niche and market let's say it's yoga okay great if you're gonna have yoga mats have yoga books have them cross promote one another if you're gonna do you know meditation books have a meditation block that you could then sell okay if you're gonna do you know some supplements maybe have a fitness or diet nutrition program both that you can also provide because then you're adding the information component to your business you can have them both sell each other in your book you promote your product and your product you promote your book or you give away your book for free for more additional added value so that's how I like to think and then look at doing affiliate marketing on the back end right so in your book or like on your email list your blog etc all around the same nation market so that's how I would look at it and try to leverage that with Amazon so that you're you're building a Parthenon right you're not building a one legged stool you have multiple streams of income multiple pillars that is more secure of a business that you can actually trust you can quit your job off of and pursue full-time so listen guys hopefully this training has been helpful for you and you guys now understand the different ways you can get started to make money on Amazon the next step guys is to take action don't be passive and just watch another YouTube video and and not do anything okay you've got the information let's do something with it now okay let's take action with it check out the different resources that I have here but start moving in the direction to building your business and creating that freedom so thank you guys so much if you enjoyed this hit the thumbs up here on YouTube and subscribe for more videos turn on notifications and I look forward to seeing you again soon take care you

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